Blueprint-Clintonville // Illustrative project maps presenting challenges and opportunities for various green infrastructure projects in Columbus, OH neighborhoodsBlueprint-Clintonville - Winthrop-Milton project area

Blueprint-Clintonville: Dorris-Weber project area

Blueprint-Clintonville: Fredonia-Piedmont project area

Blueprint-Clintonville: Tulane-Findley project area

Illinois Tollway // Graphic timeline depicting past experience and future technologies supporting the Tollway systemgraphics_illinois-tollway

MSDGC // The challenge was to create a timeline showcasing work history with the client but disguise the fact that a large portion of the work was concentrated in a single time span.timeline of work history with MSDC

Springwells Pump Station Upgrades // Graphic sequence showing the phased approach for replacing/rehabbing pumps while maintaining operations at normal capacity Pump station construction Phase APump station construction Phase BPump station construction Phase CPump station construction Phase DPump station construction Phase E

Transportation Research Board // Supply chain diagrams created for a federal study on urban goods movementsgraphics_supply-chain-diagrams